You Got A Friend In Me

Let's Make Someone's Easter Special

These are strange and uncertain times. There are several families that are servery struggling financially. We want to help the children in those specific dire situations have a little bit of magic this Easter. 

If you know a family with children that are facing some really tough times, and could use a little bit of magic, please fill out the form below. The Nut Shoppe will make up a small special treat for the kids in that household. You could remain anonymous​, or leave a note. If anonymous, we will provide a note saying "This special treat is anonymously given to the wonderful children of this house. These treats were delivered by The Nut Shoppe"

There is no cost to anyone. Please don't abuse this program. This is meant to be used for those children needing a little bit of hope and joy.  We will treat all information confidential. This is a judgement free space, no questions asked. 

Together, let's make some children smile. 

-Danae & Justin Bell 


Rules and expectations for this program

  • All information received will be treated confidentially 
  • This program is for Goshen ZIP codes only
    • If you want this to go outside Goshen ZIP codes, all we ask is you pay for the shipping. Please reach out to us for a quote
  • This is intended to families/children under serious financial strain and cannot afford any special treats 
  • Candy will be delivered before Easter
    • Candy will be a small individual treat per child
    • Candy will be transported in a The Nut Shoppe bag
    • Delivery while maintaining physical distancing. Drop package off on porch, ring doorbell, then leave. 
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